Refilling: The ideal solution for replenishing prepaid card displays

In professional jargon, “refilling” means to replenish or restock prepaid card displays, carousels, racks and checkout shelves. This value-added service can also include a logistical component to lighten your load.

Do you offer your customers gift cards, mobile phone and SIM top-up cards or gift cards and boxes on displays, checkout shelves or specific racks?

So you know that it’s necessary to always have well-filled displays! Did you know that you can entrust the restocking to us? Every two weeks throughout the year, twelve Good Display employees take to Belgium’s roads to stock prepaid card displays and racks in 750 stores. They travel no less than 360,000 km per year just providing this service! If you wish, we can take care of the logistical aspect of your prepaid cards (the ones that are only given a value once activated at the register) by managing the inventory ourselves in our warehouse. Refilling by Good Display is convenient and easy! You can count on:

  • A meticulous schedule of the rounds
  • Refilling throughout Belgium
  • Deadlines being met
  • Attention to detail
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