Optimal signage for your point of sale!

Do you want to properly inform your customers in the store while making your point of sale more attractive? Signage is the right solution! And Good Display is a specialist in the field!

Implementing effective store signage allows you to inform and guide the customer, which ultimately increases your sales. Decorating, lettering, signs, wayfinding, vehicle wrapping… it’s all part of store signage.

The Good Display signage team takes care of the presentation elements inside and outside your point of sale, whether you want to call attention to an advertising message or guide customers, or if it’s for decoration, safety, etc. We specialize in numerous means we place at your disposal: stickers (floor or others), panels (decorative or informative, suspended or glued, etc.), aisle separators, wobblers, shelf talkers, labels, fascias, hanging banners, wayfinding, safety pictograms, window display or vehicle lettering.

Presentation elements for every occasion

If, like many businesses, you organize special events on specific occasions, redoing your point of sale from floor to ceiling can be a great way to improve the customer experience. Valentine’s Day, Saint Nicolas, Christmas, seasonal changes, but also open doors or sales: everything is a pretext to redecorate, which will boost sales. Here are some jobs our experienced signage team can perform:

  • Decorate for temporary or occasional events
  • Place lettering in window displays and on vehicles
  • Attach decorative wall panels
  • Set up safety signage (emergency exit, pictograms, wayfinding, etc.)
  • Install directional signs in the aisles
  • Install shelf signage

Are you looking for a partner for merchandising, remodeling, refilling services or even for technical and logistical support? Good Display also excels in these areas!

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